Bridging the distance within the District; the Portland & Brac Lodges Connect

Bridging the distance within the District; the Portland & Brac Lodges Connect

“Behold, how good and howpleasant it is for brethren todwell together in unity.”
(Psalm 133 vs. 1)

The aforementioned, is the passage of scripture to which, in most lodges, the VSL is opened for the ceremony of Initiation, and the sentiment expressed was true to form when W Bro Robert S Whorms, WM, and 12 other brethren of the Brac Lodge No 9470, made their second visit to the Portland Lodge on May 4-6, 2018.

Seated L-R: VW Bro Dwight Reece DDGM; W Bro Clive McDonald WMPortland Lodge; W Bro Robert S Whorms WM Brac Lodge.
The visiting Brethren of the Brac Lodge. WM of the Brac Lodge W Bro Robert S Whorms seated center.

This year’s visit by the Brac Lodge, by all accounts, was a very enjoyable, rewarding, and historic one. Not only was it geared towards Masonic education, it also offered the visitors a chance to relax and unwind in the beautiful and tranquil parish of Portland. Apart from the most enjoyable libations among brethren in hot spots in Port Antonio, the feature event was by the brethren of the Brac Lodge at the Portland Lodge’s regular meeting on Saturday, May 5, 2018. The Brac brethren graciously and expertly performed an exemplification of the ceremony of Initiation according to the Taylor’s Ritual. And it was historic indeed, as never before, in the history of Freemasonry in Jamaica’s English Constitution, has such a presentation ever occurred. The ceremony was a performance to behold as all the ritual work was executed with eloquence and precision by the brethren of the BracLodge.

The Brac Lodge No 9470 is the only lodge of the District Grand Lodge ofJamaica and the Cayman Islands that uses the Taylor workings. In comparison with the Emulation Ritual, there is not much disparity, particularly in the first degree. Besides being a gloved Lodge, the JW’s Column always being kept lowered, the Square and Compasses arranged on the VSL to face the Candidate rather than the Master, and that the Tracing Board is attended to by the SD, assisted by the JD rather than by theJD alone, are all very subtle differences. The remainder of the workings of the Ceremony of Initiation follows that of the Emulation Workings. However, the seemingly military precision with which the Lodge was squared and perambulated was very remarkable.

The brethren of Portland Lodge looks forward to making their return visit to the Brac Lodge later this year, where it is hoped that another degree ceremony will be performed, rather than demonstrated that time around. This is in no way the prime reason for the visit, but to ‘dwell together’ with our friends and brethren of the Braclodge in unity and happy fraternal fellowship, thereby bridging the distance and exemplifying the true meaning of Freemasonry.

Bro Darren A Ebanks , Bro Chris Whorms,
W Bro J Paul Morhan (Portland Lodge)
having a laugh.
W Bro N Anthony Scott Snr and VW Bro Dwight Reece in deep discussion.
Brethren called from Labour to Refreshment at the Office. L_R (sitting): Bro Justin R Bodden, W Bro Robert S Whorms, W Bro Alee O Faamoe, W Bro N Anthony Scott, W Bro Raydell Carter; L-R (standing): W Bro David Pellow, Bro Chris Whorms, Dro Darren Ebanks, W Bro Albert Anderson
Brethren gathered at “A Fi Wi Deck ” at the home of W Bro Carl McDonald
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