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Brac Lodge No. 9470

Regular Meetings are held at Freemasons’ Hall, 321 Mahogany Way, Prospect Park, Grand Cayman, at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Friday of January, March, June, July, August, October, and November. The Installation Meeting is held in June.

Dress Code

The dress code is Morning Wear or Dark Lounge Suit worn with a plain black, District, or UGLE tie, and white gloves.

About Brac Lodge No. 9470

Brac Lodge No. 9470 was consecrated on the 21st of November 1992, one day following the 25th Anniversary of the sponsoring Lodge, Cayman Lodge No. 8153.


The Brac Lodge is amongst a limited number of Lodges practicing the M.M. Taylor’s Ritual and the Brethren take great pride in showcasing this wonderful ritual. In fact -The Brac Lodge is the only Lodge practicing the M.M. Taylors Ritual in the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands.


Membership into the Lodge is by the usual English Masonic criteria. Besides Benevolence and other external charities, the Lodge’s main local charitable outreach has been the ‘Feed Our Future’ organization which provides healthy meals to Children in need.


There are varying annual fund raisers and social events usually organized in partnership with Cayman Lodge No. 8153 which are often open to non-members by invitation. The membership of the Brac Lodge enjoys the company of visiting Brethren and encourages scheduling through email contact with the Secretary.


The Brac Lodge No. 9470 E.C. is one of the 24 Craft Lodges (Blue Lodge) in the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands of English Freemasonry (E.C.= English Constitution).


The District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands is one of 33 Districts who’s headquarters is in New Kingston, Jamaica with the current District Grand Master – Rt. Wor. Bro. Walter H. Scott presiding.


Today, the United Grand Lodge of England or Grand Lodge currently has over a 200,000 members meeting in over 6,800 Lodges, organized into a number of subordinate Provincial Grand Lodges which are approximately equivalent to the historic counties of England.

  • Lodges meeting in London (an area generally within a 10-mile radius of Freemasons’ Hall) are, with five exceptions, administered by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London, headed by the Metropolitan Grand Master.
  • Lodges meeting outside London, and within England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, are grouped into 47 Provincial Grand Lodges (UGLE), each headed by a Provincial Grand Master.
  • Lodges that meet outside England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are grouped into 33 District Grand Lodges, each headed by a District Grand Master.
  • Five Groups (i.e.: currently too small to make up a District), each headed by a Grand Inspector.
  • Five Lodges in London and 12 Lodges abroad that are directly administered by Freemasons’ Hall.

UGLE Grand Masters
  1. Prince Augustus Frederick
    Duke of Sussex
  2. Thomas Dundas
    2nd Earl of Zetland
  3. George Robinson
    3rd Earl de Grey and 2nd Earl of Ripon (1st Marquess of Ripon from 1871)
  4. Albert Edward
    Prince of Wales (King of Great Britain and Ireland as Edward VII from 1901)
  5. Prince Arthur
    Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
  6. Prince George
    Duke of Kent
  7. Henry Lascelles
    6th Earl of Harewood
  8. Edward Cavendish
    10th Duke of Devonshire
  9. Roger Lumley
    11th Earl of Scarbrough
  10. Prince Edward
    Duke of Kent
Worshipful Master 2019-2020

W. Bro. Waide DaCosta

I have the honour of being the newly installed Worshipful Master as of Friday June 14th, 2019 for the ensuing 2019-20 masonic year.


To the open public: we wish to share with you what Freemasonry is.


Freemasonry is a very rewarding brotherhood of men who wish to become better men.  We conduct long-standing traditional rituals with much symbolism on morals, treating family with respect, obeying the laws of the country you live in along with paying a high degree of patriotism to your country of birth.


Masonry teaches all brethren to honour all men as equals – no matter their station in life, race, religion, or any other perceived differences that this world can attribute to various classifications.


The symbolism is based on the building of King Solomon’s Temple compared to the building a good man upon a solid foundation with support from like-minded brethren.  We use the operative tools of masonry to illustrate various components of morality and character.


Masonry is open in today’s society.  The key is you have to understand what masonry is and want to join these principles and tenets with the support of your immediate family.  Then when you declare your most serious intent and you are proved to be a person of excellent character wishing to become a better man you can be admitted into Freemasonry.


To Freemasons:  We hope that you enjoy the Brac Lodge website and that it adds to your Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge especially about what the Brac Lodge has been and is planning.  We hope you will be able to come visit us one day or regularly to experience Brac Lodge Harmony.


W. Bro. Waide DaCosta
Worshipful Master 2019-20

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